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What is Virgin/Remy Hair?

Virgin/Remy hair is 100% human hair that has not been processed with harsh chemicals. Remy hair is not coated with silicone substances. Non Remy hair is coated with silicone substances which cause matting and excessive shedding. Virgin hair The cuticles are unidirectional all facing the same direction just like it grows from the scalp and they are not altered.

Will This Hair Tangle Matt or Shed?
all the cuticles are intact and are in the same direction, which prevents tangling and matting. All hair sheds just like our own hair sheds. this was someones real hair and it was sewn to a weft and The hair that grows out of our scalp sheds, we also seal the wefts for first time Customers and secure wefts to help prevent shedding. however we do not guarantee no shedding it all depends on how well you take care of your extensions.

Can the hair be colored?

Yes, you can color the hair. However, once you chemically process virgin hair with color, it will no longer be virgin.

How much hair should I purchase?

To do a full sew-in you will need 3 Bundles of Hair. For partial sew-in 2 Bundles will do depending on the length or Fullness you desire. From 14" to 16" you would need two Bundles and from 18" to 30" you would need 3 -4 Bundles.

Which hair care products work best?

As with your own hair, you should use quality shampoo and conditioner. If you want to keep the hair soft and easy to manage, conditioning is important. Use a deep conditioner once a week . Try avoiding oily or heavy styling products, less is best.

How should I treat the hair in the morning?

It is recommended that you comb your hair in the morning. You should brush your hair from the ends and work your way up. That will prevent excessive shedding your extensions will last longer.

How should I treat the hair after i shampoo or co-wash?

Make sure your hair is always completely dry when you go to bed. Sleeping on wet hair can cause your hair to tangle and Matt. over time may cause the hair to have a nasty odor.

What is a Co-wash?

A co-wash is when you wash your hair only with conditioner.

How Is The Hair Length Measured?
All hair is pulled straight when measured.

How long will my hair last?

Our hair will last for a year or more

The longevity of your hair depends on how well the hair is maintained. Our hair will last for a long time, and � as with your own hair - will be healthier and stronger when you take good care of it.

How Can I Contact you

You can contact Us Via Email we will reply within 24 hours. (Gigibeautifullocs@gmail.com)

Do You offer Wholesale?

Yes we do offer wholesale for stylists and business owners please send us an email to inquire (Gigibeautifullocs@gmail.com)