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Loose Curl Bundle
Loose Curl

Loose Curl Bundle

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Part Number:LC2533
  • Weight:3.5 OZ Each Bundle
  • Hair color:Natural color 1B
  • Bundles Needed:14" to 16" 2 Bundles
  • Bundles Needed:18" and up 3 to 4 Bundles

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  • Weight:  Approximately 3.5 oz -4 oz 
  • Color: Naturally color Off Black to Dark Brown
  • 2 to 3 bundles needed for full weave depending on the length of hair and volume desired 
bundles are co-washed and air-dried before shipped to our  customers. It is part of our process, to ensure that you receive your hair ready to wear

Maintenance: low
Recommended Products: Sulfate free products, light oils, denman brush, wide tooth comb, and silk cap/scarf
Weft Type: Machine double wefted
Luster: Medium to Low
Minimum shedding is to expected due to it being curly hair please seal your wefts to prevent any shedding.

Note: We cannot guarantee wave patterns to be the same. Some hair is wavier than others, as each Virgin Hair has their own type of texture and wave pattern. Shorter hair such as 12-14 may have a tighter defined curl/wave pattern. The longer the hair, the less curlier it may be. As longer hair is heavier the curls will stretch and may become more of a looser wave. Also the care of the hair and products used can either create more or less curls/wave.

 No two wefts are the same and expect variations of color and texture. At checkout, if you have placed specific requests in the comment section , we will attempt to fill your order as close as possible. 

This is a Loose Curl Pattern!
This hair is processed to this curl pattern which is a steam process. All the cuticles are intact and run in the same direction, which eliminates matting and tangling. Our Hair can be styled in many different ways such as: curling and dying the hair. also can be flat ironed for a sleek look; however, flat ironing may cause the natural curls pattern to loosen over time.

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